Study French as a Foreign Language in France !

Prajwal Rana
4 min readMay 19, 2021


In which university in Paris you can study French as a Foreign language?

What are the universities in Paris where you can study French as a Foreign language?

If you are in France and you want to improve your French. Or if you want to come to Paris just to learn French. I recommend you to join a public university rather than a private institution.

Studying French in a university can be a wise decision, because you’ll be obliged to speak French , whereas in private language school you’ll encounter more anglo-phones which means you’ll spend more time speaking English than French. Since, your goal is to learn French once you’re here, it doesn’t make sense if you speak more English than French in your daily life.

The benefits of studying in a university are

· International environment:

You’ll have the opportunity to find international students from different cultural background.

· Get immersed in French culture:

The courses in the university have either history or culture, therefore you’ll become indulged in French way of life.

· Tuition fees:

Lower tuition fees than in private school. The private schools are easier to get in but the quality and the fees doesn’t match compared to that of university.

· Recognition:

The university degree is recognised by the Ministry of the Education of France.

How to make your dream come true by learning the language of love and by living in the most visited country in the world?

How can you learn French in the most effective way?

Different universities have their own ways in terms of accepting candidature from the students. In universities like Paris Nanterre, you have to create your account in their website and fill up the details and upload your documents (passport, high school diplomas, birth certificate etc.)

Whereas, in La nouvelle Sorbonne, you have to fill up the online form and send all the documents through mail in their postal address.

If you get accepted you will receive a pre-inscription, with that document you can apply for a student visa (if you’re not a citizen of one of the countries belonging to European Union).

Here are the four universities where you can apply to study French as a foreign language in Paris.

1. La nouvelle Sorbonne

2. Paris Nanterre

3. Créteil University

4. Sorbonne University

  1. La nouvelle Sorbonne:

La nouvelle Sorbonne is one of the affordable university to learn French. You’ve 15 hours of classes plus 5 hours of extra course (online and cultural visit).

The cost of attending this university is around 1200 euros per semester. The first semester starts from September until December. Whereas the classes of second semester runs from January until April.

However, getting into this university can be tricky as the demand for admissions are taken into consideration in a chronological basis — meaning as there are high demands of admission, the acceptations are on first come first serve basis. Therefore, be sure to submit the documents in advance.

2. Paris Nanterre:

Paris Nanterre is the cheapest university in Paris region. The annual fee is just around 600 euros. The classes are 4 days per week and equivalent to 20 hours. The candidates have to create an account in the website of the university and fill up all the details, later you’ll be invited for a written test and interview. But, make sure to apply before June. Because, at the end of the June, the university mayn’t accept the applications.

3. Créteil University:

Also known as UPEC. Créteil University is located outside of Paris. The university has their own language course which is called DELCIFE. The admission starts in the month of may for the 1st semester. The tuition fees are around 1200 per semester. You may apply for the 2nd semester, which starts from January but you’ve apply in December.

4. Sorbonne University,

The oldest university in France. It has a different course like intensive course or summer course. But, the costs are a bit expensive than other university. The university fees are near 2000 euros per semester