Prajwal Rana
2 min readApr 17, 2021


I was playing DOTA 2 (Online Game), for a while. I was playing with bots (AI). But, I wanted to play a ranked game with other human players.

However, I wasn’t eligible because Players must have played at least 100 hours (against AI) to gain access to Ranked Matchmaking.

I was shocked !!!! 100 hours of experience(GAME-TIME) just to play with other human players ??

DOTA has strict rules in order to maintain quality in their game, because a fresher who has never played DOTA can degrade the overall standard of a match.

But, what if you put 100 hours something that you really want to master, learn or simply improve ?

For example, if you run for 100 hours / 1 hour daily for 100 days.

Result = Increase in stamina.

Or if you commit yourself to learn a language for 100 hours? The output will be that you’ll be able to communicate in a beginner level or at least learn some basic words.

Or if you cook for 100 hours, you won’t necessarily become a chef but at least you will have some confidence to invite your friends or family for a dinner.

To master anything, you need some amount of work, some amount of time.

It is believed that 100 hours of investment in something whether it be learning a new skill or learning a new language, will make you ready to commit for more.

You’ll become more experienced and more comfortable.

Therefore, why wait?? Use your 100 hours in something that you’ve always wanted to do!



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